GPT - Get Paid To...

The internet is filled with GPT sites that focus on profits over user experience. We're not that way.

CryptoTask was created because it had to be. All of the other GPT sites at the time were focused on making money for themselves and not you. We're completely transparent with our financial model and marketing strategies, and we're focused on putting more money into your pockets.
We're not owned by a massive parent company with differing interests. We're a small bootstrapped team of dedicated internet entrepreneurs who want to create change in the market.

What's the catch?

Can you really earn money for completing simple tasks? While it's not exactly free money, you totally can! Advertisers pay people like you to do tasks like download their app or share your opinion. For tasks like watching videos, you can get paid a portion of what the site makes from advertising. Advertisers will pay real money for your attention, so why not take advantage of it!

Some numbers that might interest you

We don't hide our "secrets" behind closed doors. Transparency is one of our core principles, and we work hard to make sure that everything we do is in our users' best interest.

We don't work to make ourselves money, we work to make you money.

80% precent of our earnings go back to you

You get 80% of the earnings distributed by our affiliate partners. The remaining 20% covers promotions, referral bonuses, and site operations.

2 hours average support request response time

Our support team works to respond to your requests as quickly as possible. We never leave you in the dark when you have a problem.

10+ affiliate partners and networks

We're constantly working to expand our reach with high quality affiliate networks. We also work directly with market researchers and marketers to bring the largest offer library to you.

Consider joining our Discord server!

Meet with like-minded individuals and speak directly with the CryptoTask team. Find new ways to accelerate your earnings and enter our frequent giveaways to earn even more!

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